We are offering a Seniorr Account & Ad Operations position in our Amsterdam office, to build the global contextual advertising leader.


Seedtag is the leading Contextual Advertising Platform. Our proprietary, machine learning-based technology provides a human-like understanding of the content on the web, the highest level of brand safety in the industry and unmatched cookieless targeting capabilities.

We engage with the market on both the demand and supply sides to create, activate and launch high-quality advertising campaigns at scale. We are committed to creating a more beautiful, respectful and engaging way to do advertising.


2014 · Founded by two ex-Googlers

2021 · Fundraising round of 40M€ & +10 countries & +230 Seedtaggers

2022 · Fundraising round of 250M€ + expansion into the U.S market

2023 · Expansion into 15 countries + 500 Seedtaggers


Looking for a dynamic and driven team to join? Look no further than our Dutch team! Based in the bustling city of Amsterdam, this talented group of 10 sales and marketing professionals is sure to impress. Our office is located in the thriving B. Amsterdam complex, where we work hard to serve our clients in media agencies and directly with clients. And, when we're not hard at work, we love to unwind and bond over monthly team activities like dinners and drinks. Join us and be a part of a team that truly values collaboration and camaraderie.


  • Working as an extension of the sales towards the client, by understanding their needs and looking for the best way to work together, creating strong relationships and happy clients
  • Coordinating with the design team to develop all the creative projects on time according to client requirements
  • Setting up and optimizing advertising campaigns with different KPIs
  • Creating programmatic deals and advising traders on the best way to succeed with delivery and KPIs
  • Supporting with creative proposals and presentations, fully customized with the clients needs
  • Sharing weekly and monthly reports to clients and other departments involved in the process of a campaign
  • Participating in upselling strategies while highlighting optimisations made and results achieved in our campaigns
  • Ensuring a smooth invoicing process by collecting all the information and sharing it with our finance team on time


  • Seasoned Experience: Possess a robust track record of 3-5 years in the roles of a trader or ad-trafficker within media agencies, Demand-Side Platforms (DSPs), Supply-Side Platforms (SSPs), publishers, or relevant fields
  • Client-Centric Approach: Demonstrate a history of direct client, agency, or partner interactions, consistently delivering exceptional service and maintaining seamless communication channels
  • Handling Prominent Clients: Have a large history of managing international brands or major clients, thriving in high-pressure scenarios with tight deadlines and well-defined processes
  • Platform Proficiency: Exhibit extensive expertise in utilizing industry-leading platforms such as Xandr, Display & Video 360, Adform, SmartRTB+, Amazon DSP, and others
  • Programmatic Prowess: Possess in-depth knowledge of programmatic campaigns and the creation of Private Marketplace (PMP) setups
  • Analytical Tools: Be well-versed in working with reporting tools, including Ad Servers, Google Analytics, Turnillo, Redash, MODE, and similar platforms
  • Data-Driven Mindset: Embrace a data-centered approach and be adept at handling and manipulating data using tools such as Excel, spreadsheets, and other data analytics software, employing formulas and dynamic tables effectively
  • Language Proficiency: Be a native Dutch speaker and exhibit bilingual fluency in English, facilitating clear and effective communication
  • Adaptability: Thrive in dynamic work environments characterized by flexible structures and a project-oriented approach to solutions


🚀 Key moment to join Seedtag in terms of growth and opportunities.

💯 One Seedtag: Work for a month from any of our open offices with travel and stay paid if you’re a top performer.

⏰ You will be free to choose your work from home and office time with our real flexible hybrid style.

🇬🇧 🇪🇸 🇫🇷 Optional company-paid English, Spanish and/or French courses.

📚 Odilo online school, where you can learn as much as you want.

🍻 We love what we do, but we also love having fun. We have many team activities you can join and enjoy with your colleagues!


  • Growth: International, highly demanding work environment in one of the fastest growing AdTech companies in Europe. We reject "that’s the way it’s always been done". In Seedtag you can find an energetic, fresh workplace, multicultural work environment where our members are from different countries in Europe, LATAM, the US and so many more!
  • Impact: The chance to have a direct impact, here you don't work for the sake of working, we all have an impact on Seedtag in our own way, rowing in the same direction
  • Diversity of methodology and people: Seedtag DNA is unique and highly appreciated by very different types of Seedtagers. We embrace diversity and encourage everyone to seek the best version of themselves and to show who they really are. With a total flexible methodology
  • Flexibility: At Seedtag, we trust you, you can work from home, the beach or the office in our hybrid mode

Are you ready to join the Seedtag adventure? Then send us your CV!