We are offering an Engineering Manager position to build the global contextual advertising leader.


    • Growth: International, highly demanding work environment in one of the fastest growing AdTech companies in Europe. We reject "that’s the way it’s always been done". In Seedtag you can find an energetic, fresh workplace, multicultural work environment where our members are from different countries in Europe, LATAM, US and so many more!
    • Great technological challenge: Huge range of data we work with both in terms of volume and typology (text, image, video). We deal with more than 3 millions events per second, 175 TB of data ingested per day. In addition, the transactional volume we work with is directly proportional to the technical quality with which we do it, confronting you with a very demanding system in terms of scalability.
    • Team: We work with multidisciplinary technological teams with the same objectives. Working on peer programming and collaborating to improve together.
    • Stack: Google Cloud, a microservices architecture based on Kubernetes and Docker. Always encouraging the use of the technology that best suits the business problem and innovating if new technologies come out.
    • Impact: The chance to have a direct impact, here you don't work for the sake of working, we all have an impact on seedtag in our own way, rowing in the same direction.
    • Diversity of methodology and people: Seedtag DNA is unique and highly appreciated by very different types of Seedtagers. We embrace diversity and encourage everyone to seek the best version of themselves and to show who they really are. With a total flexible methodology.
    • Flexibility: At Seedtag, we trust you, you can work from home, the beach or the office. The important thing is to work on your goals.
    • Learning and more: English courses; continuous trainings; Gympass; team buildings; access to a flexible benefits plan (plan de retribución flexible) with restaurant, transportation and kindergarten tickets and discounts on medical insurance; a great workplace location with food, snacks, great coffee and much more.


    • 🚀 Key moment to join Seedtag in terms of growth and opportunities
    • 💼 Carrer ladder plan for your professional growth
    • 💸 High-performance tier salary bands excellent compensation
    • 🏦 Stock option plan for every high performer team member
    • 💯 Seedtag One: Work for a month from any of our open offices with travel and stay paid if you’re a top performer (think of Brazil, Mexico..., 🏖️)
    • 🏉 Paid travels to our HQ in Madrid to work p2p with your squad members
    • 💻 Macbook Pro M1
    • 🏠 Build your home office with a budget of up to 1K (external screen, chair, table...)
    • ⌛ Flexible schedule to balance work and personal life
    • ⛰️ An unlimited remote working environment, where you can choose to work from home indefinitely or attend our Madrid headquarters whenever you want, where you will find a great workplace location with food, snacks, great coffee, and much more.
    • 🎗️ A harassment-free, supportive and safe environment to ensure the healthiest and friendliest professional experience fostering diversity at all levels.
    • 🇬🇧 🇪🇸 Optional company-paid English and/or Spanish courses.
    • 📚 Access to learning opportunities (learning & development budget)
    • 🍻 We love what we do, but we also love having fun. We have many team activities you can join and enjoy with your colleagues! A Yearly offsite with all the company, team offsites, and Christmas events...
    • 🍽️🚘 Access to a flexible benefits plan with restaurant, transportation, and kindergarten tickets and discounts on medical insurance


    Outcome over output

    Failure is allowed, learning is a must

    We are all boy scouts

    We are data-driven


    As Engineering Manager, you’ll be building and leading a multidisciplined squad of 3 to 8 people. You ensure that your squad has everything it needs to provide the best execution of the assigned projects or domain driving value to our users. The role includes hiring, coaching, and technical feedback.

    Work with the people team to attract, onboard, and retain diverse top talented persons.

    Promote a healthy, trusting, and collaborative team.

    You maximize the impact of the Squad, working next to the POs, the Technical Leads, and the Engineers to ensure that the opportunities are well defined in terms of the expected outcome, strategy, technical definition and execution during the Sprint and roll-out strategy.

    As Engineering Manager, you are responsible for your Squad's technical execution and working next to the rest of the EMs to ensure squads are aligned.

    As Engineering Manager, you have a crucial role in the professional growth of your directs creating career and learning plans for the Engineers working in your Squad, actively identifying the best next steps to help engineers to achieve their career goals.


    You have a background in development and you have at least 3 to 5 years of experience as an engineering manager or in a related leadership role in a product environment, preferably in a fast-paced, startup environment

    You have extensive experience making both technical and product related decisions, in terms of architecture, solutions and release strategies

    You have experience working in both products and teams at scale, with relevant experience on complex, large scale projects

    You have a very outcome oriented mindset, helping the team to keep the focus on the outcome

    You have excellent communication, organization and leadership skills

    You must be comfortable in presenting to Senior Management and training larger groups

    You have a fluent level of English and Spanish


    At Seedtag our goal is to lead the change in the advertising industry, because we believe that effective advertising should not be at odds with users’ privacy.

    By combining Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision our proprietary, Machine Learning-based technology provides a human-like understanding of the content of the web that finds the best context for each ad while providing unparalleled risk-mitigation capabilities that protect advertisers from showing their ads on pages that could be damaging for their brand. All of this, without relying on cookies or any other tracking mechanisms.

    Every day, our teams develop new services that reach over 200 million users worldwide with fast response times to ensure that we deliver the best user experience. We’re fully committed to the DevOps culture, where we provide the platform that our Software Developers and Data Scientists use to manage over 100 different microservices, pushing dozens of changes to production every day. All of this is built on top of Kubernetes in Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services.

    If you are interested in joining one of the fastest-growing startups in Europe and work on massive scalability challenges, this is the place for you.


    2014 · Founded by two ex-Googlers

    2018 · 16M total turnover & Internationalization & Getting growth

    2021 · Fundraising round of 40M€ & +10 countries & +230 Seedtaggers

    2022 · Fundraising round of 250M€ + expansion into the U.S market


    Andrés Rodrigues (Head of Engineering): The Engineering team is an outstanding group of intelligent, kind,
    and hard-working people. We are constantly working on very complex distributed problems in different
    countries and with world-class scale challenges to become the best ad tech company in Europe. So, if you
    love to work in multidisciplinary environments, working on strategy, tactics, and working very closely with
    the product Challenges; If you see yourself as a person who loves to understand people and find the way to
    help them to bring out the best of them; I would love to meet you, and work together to create the best
    environment for innovation and technology.

    Want to be a Seedtagger? Then send us your CV, we are waiting for it!