We are offering a Senior Backend Engineer, to build the global contextual advertising leader.


Seedtag is the leading Contextual Advertising Platform. Our proprietary, machine learning-based technology provides a human-like understanding of the content on the web, the highest level of brand safety in the industry and unmatched cookieless targeting capabilities.

We engage with the market on both demand and supply sides to create, activate and launch high-quality advertising campaigns at scale. We are committed to creating a more beautiful, respectful and engaging way to do advertising.


2014 · Founded by two ex-Googlers

2021 · Fundraising round of 40M€ & +10 countries & +230 Seedtaggers

2022 · Fundraising round of 250M€ + expansion into the U.S market

2023 · Expansion into 15 countries + 500 Seedtaggers


As a Senior Backend Engineer at Seedtag, you will be taking on an exciting and important challenge: scale one of the three business lines at Seedtag. You will be working closely with our tech ( engineering, data and product) team, within three squads, to ensure that the ad exchange is executed most efficiently and effectively as possible. This is a major undertaking that requires significant technical and leadership skills. You will be expected to use your experience to make key technical decisions, manage project timelines and priorities, and communicate effectively with stakeholders across the company.

  • This challenge will provide you with the opportunity to work on a high-impact team that will shape the future of Seedtag. It will also be a chance for you to further develop your technical skills, as you work with cutting-edge technologies such as Typescript, Golang, Mongo, Redis, and Kafka. If you are looking for a challenge that will push you to grow both professionally and personally, then this is the opportunity for you.
  • This is a high-impact challenge that will shape the future of Seedtag
  • You will be working with cutting-edge technologies such as Typescript, Golang, Mongo, Redis, and Kafka
  • You will be responsible for driving this project forward and making key technical decisions with your peers
  • This project is critical to Seedtag's success and requires someone with demonstrable experience in Go and who cares about producing maintainable code over time using good programming practices, someone who has experience applying programming patterns within a microservice and communicating services
  • If you are up to the challenge and want to be a part of a talented and passionate team, we encourage you to apply for this position

  • You have a deep understanding of back-end development. You have at least 5 years of demostrable experience working in software engineering, with a focus on building back-end systems. You have experience using it to build scalable, high-performance systems
  • You care about producing maintainable code over time using good programming practices. you have experience applying programming patterns within a microservice. you know about Patterns or practices for communicating services
  • You have experience with high-throughput systems and distributed architectures. You are comfortable working with systems that handle large amounts of data and have experience building systems that scale to meet demand
  • You are a big-picture thinker who can see the forest and the trees. You have a strong understanding of the technical and business requirements of the projects you work on, and you can think strategically to ensure that your work aligns with the goals of the company
  • You are a problem solver who loves a good challenge. You are energized by tackling complex technical problems and figuring out creative solutions
  • You are a continuous learner who is passionate about your craft. You are committed to staying up-to-date with the latest developments in back-end engineering and are always looking for ways to improve your skills and knowledge
  • You are a strong communicator who can work effectively in a team. You are comfortable working collaboratively with others, and you are able to effectively communicate complex technical concepts to both technical and non-technical stakeholders
  • You are adaptable and flexible. You are comfortable working in a dynamic, fast-paced environment, and you are able to adjust to changing priorities and requirements.


    🚀 Key moment to join Seedtag in terms of growth and opportunities

    💯 One Seedtag: Work for a month from any of our open offices with travel and stay paid.

    🏠 Build your home office with a gross budget of up to 1K€ (external screen, chair, table...)

    🇬🇧🇪🇸🇫🇷 Optional company-paid English, Spanish and/or French courses

    📚 Odilo online school, where you can learn as much as you want

    🍻 We love what we do, but we also love having fun. We have many team activities you can join and enjoy with your colleagues!


    • Growth: International, highly demanding work environment in one of the fastest growing AdTech companies in Europe. We reject "that’s the way it’s always been done". In Seedtag you can find an energetic, fresh workplace, multicultural work environment where our members are from different countries in Europe, LATAM, the US and so many more!
    • Impact: The chance to have a direct impact, here you don't work for the sake of working, we all have an impact on Seedtag in our own way, rowing in the same direction
    • Diversity of methodology and people: Seedtag DNA is unique and highly appreciated by very different types of Seedtagers. We embrace diversity and encourage everyone to seek the best version of themselves and to show who they really are. With a totally flexible methodology
    • Flexibility: At Seedtag, we trust you, you can work from home, the beach or the office in our hybrid mode

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